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AGS remain at the forefront of all new and innovative heating and plumbing systems. Powerflushing is recommended as it removes debris and sludge in the central heating system and also improves the efficiency of the heating. In addition, a Powerflush can also prolong the life of a central heating boiler by removing the aggressive water which can eat away at the internal workings of the appliance. The Powerflush equipment we own incorporates an industrial magnet, which along with the chemicals injected into the system, will give you the best possible results. All our engineers are trained in Powerflushing heating systems using our carefully maintained equipment.

During the process, the Powerflush machine is usually situated outside the property with hoses linked into the system. A cleaning solution is then pumped throughout the system and combined with the power of the machine, unwanted waste is effectively removed. Depending on the system size, AGS would generally allow up to one day for a complete flush, however if we aren’t happy with water sample results, we will continue until the sample is correct.

Once the Powerflush is complete, we would recommend installing a magnetic filter to the system to ensure the water quality is maintained. The filter is cleaned annually as part of our annual servicing schedule, however we can show you how to clean the filter yourself.

As part of our company policy, AGS will Powerflush every boiler replacement we undertake according to manufacturers recommendations.

Occasionally, some central heating systems are not suitable for Powerflushing, however we would be able to fully advise on the suitability of your system on a individual basis.

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