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Air Source Heat Pump Installations

We install air source heat pump units throughout Portsmouth and the surrounding areas.

Air Source Heat Pump Installations

Here at AGS we can install air source heat pump units from the leading manufacturers.

Heat pumps are a versatile and eco-friendly option for heating your home and providing hot water. Air Source Heat pumps transfer heat from outdoors passing it over a refrigerant liquid that evaporates and turns into gas. The gas is then compressed and transfers its heat to the heating system. The gas then cools down, becomes liquid again, and the cycle repeats.

An ASHP can help you to reduce your energy consumption and lower your carbon footprint. They use renewable energy from the air and do not burn any fuel. They even work in cold climates, as low as -15°C.

Air source heat pumps process Portsmouth
  1. The outdoor unit absorbs heat from the outside air
  2. The absorbed heat is transferred to the cylinder unit inside the house through a refrigerant fluid that circulates in a closed loop
  3. The cylinder unit uses this absorbed heat to warm up water in a tank, increasing its temperature.
  4. The hot water is then distributed for various purposes, such as radiators, underfloor heating, or domestic hot water.
  5. The refrigerant fluid then returns to the outdoor unit, where it releases the excess heat and cools down, ready to repeat the cycle.

The Benefits of ASHP Installation

Energy efficient heat pumps Portsmouth

Energy Efficient
Reduce your carbon emissions

ASHPs are powered by only electricity. This means, significantly less fossil fuels are needed to heat your home and hot water.

Reduce your energy bills with heat pumps, Portsmouth

Reduced Bills
Save money on your energy bills

Your home can benefit from lower energy consumption. Replacing oil, LPG, electric, or inefficient natural gas boilers results in the biggest savings.

Low maintenance heat pumps Portsmouth

Low Maintenance
Easy to care for and durable

To keep the heat pump working well and safely, and to keep the guarantees valid, your heat pump only needs a yearly inspection.

Government grant for heat pumps, Portsmouth

Get a Grant
Government grants for ASHPs

Thanks to the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, you could be eligible for up to £7,500 towards the cost of your heat pump installation. Contact us to find out more.

Find out more

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Is My Home Ready for a Heat Pump?

An ASHP can benefit your home, like it does for thousands of homes in the UK. But your home has to meet some criteria for the heat pump to work at its best, or we might not advise one for you at this time. If you’re unsure, contact our team for some advice.

Is your home’s EPC rating valid?
You need a current EPC rating for us to install an ASHP in your property. You can learn more on the Government website.

Is your home insulated?
You need enough cavity wall, and/or loft insulation to enjoy the benefits of a heat pump. Your EPC rating will tell you if your home needs loft or cavity insulation.

Talk to our team

Our experienced and helpful staff will always be happy to assist you with your queries!

From installations to repairs or plumbing jobs, get in touch with our team to find out more.


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